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Who We are ??

Diana Educational Consultancy, one of the best educational consultancies in Nepal, properly guides for your education and migration solution in various countries The organization provides the various courses in Computing, English Language, Test Preparation, Web page Designing and Software Development by a team of competent professionals. Smart Educations became so well reputed inside Nepal and outside Nepal. So, Smart Educations has been a better source of sending talented students abroad to reputed universities for the developing country like Nepal. There are large number of students in Nepal who went abroad for further study to make their future bright from our Consultancy. We send large number of students to USA, Singapore, England, China, Korea, Netherland, Australia, Japan, Greece, Denmark, Malayasia, Finland, Cyprus, Malta, Canada, Ukraine, Dubai.

So, the organization is really providing better service for student who wish to apply for further study in abroad country. We have also organiszed many seminar to provide valuable information to the students.

The organization is committed to provide affordable quality education, and avail free education to a selected number of potential and needy students. Students will receive a quality education in a dynamic learning environment coupled with personalized services.