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We provide comprehensive counseling service for the students and the professionals seeking to go abroad for the further studies.

Education Counseling is a must in Nepal since it is very essential for better allocation of the students in different parts of the world. Students are guided in the right path to the institute that suits them according to their qualifications and meet specific needs of the country through education counseling.

So, approaching at Diana helps students to make more efficient and optimize each candidate’s application process, irrespective of the destination university, course applied to or the level of study. The Diana team consists of professionals with access to the highest strata for Nepalesei students. The expertise counselor creates life-altering opportunities for the candidates.

Our diverse advantage lies in the fact that we fully understand the complexities of study-abroad process. Our service is customized on a client-specific basis, as flexibility and individual awareness are necessitated by the nature of our work.

  • • We help students to decide subjects and also provide counseling in selecting countries.
  • • Counseling on Immigration Rule.
  • • Population, environment, health, part time jobs, Temporary Residence Permit (TRP), Residence Permit (RP) these are the major topics on counseling
  • • Providing enough information about Universities and colleges.
  • • We can help students for bank loan suggestions, income source, property valuation and other required documentation.